My projects in a nutshell

I'm just another software developer and trying to offer you the software you need. Usability, a good and modern design and not to forget: the utility are the most important parts of an app for me.


Lessons on Demand.


More productive learning

Students will love it! Missed school days can be watched online and important lessons (e. g. Maths ;) can be repeated as many times as needed.


The social media for Education

Everyone is using social media. So why isn't there a platform for education? There is! Teachers and students may exchange their teaching material online via NERVE.


Be modern. Be trendy.

You want to be your school THAT school? Win more students by using modern technologies like our service!

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Synchronizes your clipboard between all of your devices.


Clipboard Synchronization

Copy on device 1. Paste on device 2. Sounds impossible? No! Qu!ckCl!p allows you to synchronize your clipboard between all of your devices in real time.


Online History

Forgot something important which was copied yesterday? Maybe on another device? Don't worry! Qu!ckCl!p offers you a detailed history of your last clipboard content online. It includes the Text-, the HTML-, and the Image Clipboard.


Easy Sharing

What is more important than the contact between you and your friends, colleagues, etc.? Share your clipboard content in just a few clicks with ease!

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A vocabulary trainer, which is here to help you learning new languages.

Start learning with more efficiency

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find2gether is a social network for connecting people with the same interests. We developed this platform on a JugendHackt-event.

Partners: Anatol Witzany, Anna Hadaier, Dominik Schicketanz, Jürgen Hülmbauer und Markus Petzke

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